Fire Ground Tactical

Innovating fire suppression


With over 1.2 million firefighters serving nationwide, facing a myriad of dangers, Fire-Ground Tactical stands as a dedicated force, providing innovative solutions and tactical advantages to combat fire ground threats. Recognizing the evolving landscape and associated risks for fire departments. We understand the dynamic impact electric vehicle fires have on our communities. Fire-Ground Tactical is committed to innovating fire suppression and empowering fire departments with essential tools for effective emergency response.

Introducing the TTRC™

Our flagship product, the TTRC, is an innovative firefighting device that offers several tactical advantages and enhanced efficiency for fire departments operating in various fire ground scenarios.

Unrivaled in today’s market, the TTRC surpasses all expectations with its durability, deployment efficiency, and outstanding effectiveness on the fire ground. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to optimal performance with our cutting-edge TTRC, the ultimate solution for electric vehicle fires.

Get an inside look at our TTRC™ product
and tactical suppression kit

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