Fire Ground Tactical

Where It All Began

For most Americans, September 11, 2001 was a day of great tragedy and devastation. For those serving in the United States Marines, including Fire-Ground Tactical founder Ryan Twombly, a then-member of the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines Division, September 11th evoked a sense of purpose, drive, and unwavering desire to promote homeland security and make the world a little safer, one mission at a time.


After serving in two combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Ryan retired from the Marine Corps to pursue a career stateside as a firefighter.

Nearly 10 years into his career as a firefighter, Ryan responded to an electric car fire while working a shift on Engine Three. While operating on the nozzle less than 3 feet from the undercarriage of the cribbed electric vehicle, the firefighters realized their position and method carried more risk to them and less tactical advantage to the overall operation.

After that event, the crew realized they needed to create a more effective way to suppress the hazard, reduce exposure time, and mitigate some of the risks involved.


Supported by nearly two years of research, the team developed strategies and effective tactics for battling not only electrical fires, but also multiple fire ground scenarios. This generated enough data in order to create the Tactical Thermal Reducing Cylinder (TTRC™), fire suppression kit and applied strategies. Now on the market, the TTRC™ is available as an integral addition to a fire departments’ equipment arsenals.

At Fire-Ground Tactical, we are homegrown, American made, Veteran owned and operated and committed to providing fire departments with innovative solutions to tactical fire operations.

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